1. What is the difference between the Villas and the Cottages?

Mainly, the difference is that the villas were built in 1991 and the cottages between 1965-1970. The villas are larger and have more modern appliances (ie. dishwasher, garbage disposal). Also, not all the cottages have washer/dryer hook-up. For those that do not, we have washers and dryers in the Congregate building for residents’ use, free of charge.

2. How do I pay for the meals I eat at the center when I live in the

Meal tickets must be purchased in advance and reserves made for meals.  Contact us for current meal cost.           

3. What is the difference between the Congregate Living and the Assisted Living?

The biggest difference is that the Congregate Living does not have any medical assistance available. Our nurses’ station in the nursing home can usually respond to emergencies in the congregate living.

4. Does the Retirement Center accept Medicare/Medicaid?

Yes. We have been certified through the government to accept payment from Medicaid in our nursing home.  Our independent living, congregate living and assisted living facilities are strictly private pay.

5. How often do the rates change?

Generally, the rates increase annually with an average increase of 3-5%.

6. Is there a waiting list?

Yes there is normally a short wait at each level of care.  Residents on our campus have first choice of units as they become available.  Please contact our Outreach Coordinator who would be glad to assist you.

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