Here's a warm thought...  A retirement community whose postcard setting is unmatched in natural scenery and landscaping.  A vibrant atmosphere in which friendships and activities abound.  A place where you can always count on the staff to be attentive to your needs.  And if this sounds like a you-can-have-it-all offer, you're right!  Welcome to the Florida Baptist Retirement Center in Vero Beach, Florida.

The Florida Baptist Retirement Center is located among lakes and towering trees on its 22 acre campus.  What began in 1961 as a simple 28 unit independent living facility has grown to include 44 duplex housing units, a 17 bed assisted living facility and a 24 bed skilled nursing facility.  The Retirement Center now has over 50 employees and retains professional consultants for its dietary, medical records, nursing and pharmacy services. 

 A Brief Overview Of Our Community


The Villas and Cottages are independent living, just like renting an apartment or living in your own home.  We do take care of the outside (lawn care, building maintenance, outside extermination).  Also, we maintain the appliances within that belong to us.  There are no housekeeping services provided by us.  Of course, you could hire someone from the outside to come in and clean for you.  There is the option of eating meals with us in our Congregate Living building (Unit 1) for an additional fee.  In addition to your monthly rent, you would also pay for your electric and phone.  We pay for water, sewer & cable.  You are responsible for inside extermination.  Twice weekly garbage pick-up is offered in the villas and cottages.  Only the villas have weekly recycling pick-up.

Congregate Living is “motel style” living.  This building mostly consists of 21 unfurnished, single rooms (small and large) with a private bath and walk-in closet.  Included in the monthly rate for those rooms is 3 meals per day, all utilities (except phone), and weekly maid and linen service.  Another option with the same services is the 2-room suite.  This includes two rooms together with private bath and walk-in closet.  The third option available in this building is the efficiencies.  These are a little larger than the 2-room suite and have a small kitchenette, which enables you to do some light cooking.  These monthly rates vary according to the meal plan you choose.  The weekly maid and linen service is included in all options.  All rooms have emergency call bells in the bedroom and bath that ring at the nursing home nurses’ station.  There are washers and dryers available for residents’ use free of charge for personal laundry.

The Assisted Living facility includes 15 large, unfurnished rooms, single or double (resident choice), with a private handicap equipped bath with walk-in shower and closet space.All utilities (except phone) are included in the monthly rate along with 3 meals per day and supervision/assistance with ADL’s (bathing, dressing, grooming, taking medications).These residents are not to the point of needing full nursing care, but cannot live alone.Each room has emergency call bells that ring at the desk in the Assisted Living building.We do all laundry, including personal clothing, free of charge.

The Skilled Nursing care is full, 24 hour nursing care.  These rooms are all semi-private and furnished.  The rate includes all utilities (except phone), meals, and nursing care.  Not included are personal products and medications.  Of course all rooms and bathrooms have emergency call bells that ring at the nurses’ station.  We do all laundry, including personal clothing, free of charge.

Customer Service

  • Tollfree1 800 780 0325
  • Tel904 346 0325
  • Fax904 346 0414

How to find us

  • Florida Baptist Financial Services
  • PO Box 23069
  • Jacksonville, FL 32241-3069